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Questions & Answers

How long does shipping take?

Within Europe: 1-2 days to your country and then possible customs and finally your regular mail or DHL expedition time. Normally 2-5 days in total. 

Out of Europe: 2-4 days to your country and then possible customs and finally your regular mail or DHL expedition time. Normally 3-7 days in total. 

How strong will the lights be?

We use 2 LEDs which produces an output of 30,000 millicandelas or 30 lumens, which is visible at night at 300 meters distance. 


What if I have an aluminum/carbon frame?

We are actively working on a solution to this issue and are hard at work developing a simple accessory to conquer it. At the moment, the idea is to use a small piece of stainless steel that can be attached to a non-steel frame with a simple, yet durable adhesive. Stay tuned...


Are the lights more than just good-looking?

You bet! The MAGNETIC Bike Lights are extremely compact. The lens is designed to illuminate from the sides as well as straight-on to increase visibility. The fact that they can be placed anywhere on the frame without fittings also makes it possible to use multiple sets to further aid visibility to other road users. 


Are they easy to use?

Absolutely. When placing your MAGNETIC Bike Lights on your steel frame they turn on automatically and you are ready to go. Arriving at your destination, just take them off and the light turns off automatically.  This also ensures that the lights do not accidentally use up the batteries while rattling around your pocket or bag.  No fuss and no light-thieves to worry about.

How long does the batteries run for?

With an average quality set of batteries you will get from 24-48 hours of runtime at a minimum of 95% output. 


Can I change the batteries myself?

Yup. The MAGNETIC Bike Lights use battery-driven LED light sources and only standard-sized batteries. Each light uses two CR2032 batteries. Follow this video link for instructions.


What size are the MAGNETIC Bike Lights?

The lights are about the size of a ping pong ball and can easily be fitted in your pocket when not in use on the bike.


Do the lights use ordinary magnets?

The lights use “super-magnets” These are based on rare-earth materials and generate a much stronger magnetic attraction than conventional magnets.


Are you sure that the lights will stay on my bike when riding on a rough surface?

Yes. We have tested the magnets to their limits – and the lights stay put!


Will the lights scratch my frame?

Nope! The back of the light has a specially-formulated rubber molding. This helps the lights hold firmly to the frame without slipping and protects against scratching.