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About Us


We are Copenhagen Parts – a small Copenhagen-based brand and spin-off of the award-winning design firm, Goodmorning Technology. We launched a few years back with one simple goal: to design and produce sleek, original, and innovative bicycle accessories to meet the demands of today’s urban cyclists.

Our inspiration comes from our surroundings, and considering that Copenhagen has a world-renowned bike culture and is also famous for its simple, beautiful design, we decided to combine the two – not an entirely easy task but, as our experience has shown, definitely worthwhile.

Couple of years ago, we produced our first product, the Bike Porter, with the goal of offering a new and sexy way to carry ‘stuff’ on the front of a city bike. The integrated handlebar/rack accomplished this brilliantly and we are proud to have a fantastic network of dealers around the world carrying the Bike Porter.

From there it was back to the drawing board – but rather than hurrying into the next project, we thought long and hard about the next addition to our portfolio. And again, inspiration on the streets around us brought on another ‘brilliant’ idea…

In Copenhagen, we ride all year round – through snow, rain, winter, and darkness; you could say we’ve learned to deal with cycling about in dreary weather. In the winter, we have stretches where the light only peeks up but a few hours before falling quickly behind the southern horizon. And the only way to keep cycling in the dark is with the help of a trusty set of bike lights.

Problem was – none of them looked like something we’d be happy to affix to our beloved bikes. And what was even worse – many of them didn’t work well. Too big, too retro, too cheap, not bright enough, too easily stolen, too expensive – the list went on.

And then came the ‘enlightenment’ and the vow to fix the problem with something… 


It’s an all too common design problem: how do we make something that looks nice and still works as it should?  Well, in our case, we kept it simple – but dedicated a long time, nearly 18 months, to refining the product to a point that we were all completed satisfied with the end result.

By combining magnets and LEDs we have created a bike light that looks good, works well and can be fitted and removed instantly – ‘cool and convenient’ you might say.

Magnets and steel tubes were an obvious match. But to get it just right we’ve spent countless hours selecting the right components and perfecting the details so that the lights will fit to different frames and stay put.  The prototypes have been tested for several months so as to make sure that they:

  • Are easy to fit anywhere on the frame
  • Have the right angle to optimize visibility to other road-users
  • Stay put; regardless of the road surface




“These magnetic lights could be the perfect solution…These MAGNETIC Bike Lights Look Super Sleek” gizmodo.com

“The Copenhagen Parts’ MAGNETIC Bike Light is a simple yet essential gadget for evening bikers.” – gadget.com

“As we’ve said before, the best ideas are often the ones that make you raise your eyebrows, slap your forehead and shout: ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ - in a perplexed, high-pitched voice. Case in point are these delectably simple, aesthetically pleasing magnetic lights from Copenhagen Parts” – aiaiai.dk

“Exceedingly clever, this little light source attaches to just about anywhere on a steel frame, turning on contact, and off when removed” mocoloco.com

“These small LED bike lights from Copenhagen Parts are the cleanest bike light design I’ve seen…We love the clean design aesthetic, and the idea that these lights will never accidentally turn on in our pocket or bags” bermstyle.com